Elizabeth Gooding, editor at Insight Forums

Leaning into the wind

Elizabeth Gooding is the editor here at Insight Forums. Leveraging her many years consulting on the design and automation of business communications, she provides insights and opinions intended to make readers question their assumptions about how things work and how things should work in our industry. Elizabeth questions everything, including her own stated opinions, and tries to take the reader along for the ride as fresh information is discovered in our ever-changing field. She welcomes comments on her posts and invites you to join her for more interactive discussions on the moderated groups managed by Insight Forums.

In addition to her years serving clients in Financial Services, Health Insurance and in the Print/EDelivery industries, Elizabeth has also had the pleasure of editing other industry publications including E.Bill Magazine and TheDigitalNirvana. She works and lives in the Boston area and travels the world every chance she gets.


Richard Losch thinking really hard

Richard Brain Scan

Richard Losch is an expert in making Business Process Improvement techniques practical for print and marketing services providers. With a couple of decades managing and improving business communications production operations throughout the United States, Richard is a great source of innovative approaches that still manage to be totally grounded in reality.

Richard’s expertise includes production operations for transaction print, digital print, commercial print, card production and all kinds of fun hybrid operations. His insights into the linkages between corporate operating groups and how the butterfly flapping its wings  in one group can become the tsunami in another group are truly enjoyable to hear.


Deb Climbing

Debra McMahon operates well at ground level and at the top of the mountain. That’s just one of the reasons we value her perspective so much. Deb shares her insights on approaches to individual projects, production operations and overhauling corporate-wide processes with equal credibility. A true veteran of the business communications industry, Deb has had increasingly responsible positions at all sizes of direct mail/marketing, fulfillment, and print and mail outsourcing companies until the only way to gain more challenging experiences was through consulting.

Deb’s expertise includes corporate turnarounds and developing a culture of repeatable, sustainable process improvements to drive growth and profitability. She is so successful at change management we fondly refer to her as the “cat herder.”


Nancy Scott, Liberty Communications Group

Nancy Rathbun Scott is a brand journalist, information architect, marketing strategist, film producer, and entrepreneur. Since establishing Liberty Communications Group in 1984, Nancy has worked with a variety of organizations, both commercial and nonprofit, authored five books and hundreds of articles, written weekly columns for USA Today, and blogged relentlessly. Nancy’s areas of expertise include social media, content development, public relations, and marketing. Find out more about Nancy or contact her at



Jim and his beard

Jim Fenter has worked on the design, development of financial communications for over 20 years. With experience as a hands-on developer with various composition tools and extensive hands-on throats experience as a project manager, Jim has brought many a successful project to the mail (and email.) Jim received his MBA from Suffolk University and has worked for leading firms such as M&I Data Services, Dreyfus Retirement Systems, Putnam Investments and as a Senior Consultant for Art Plus Technology.  When not helping clients solve pressing business communications challenges, he can often be found at a window, watching people trying to parallel park.  This seems to give him an inordinate amount of amusement.