Selling and Sales Management

Selling and Sales managementAll selling and sales management courses include:

  • Pre-training call with customer
  • Optional course tailoring* to customer needs
  • Printed course handouts
  • Additional worksheets or handouts where indicated with

* Course tailoring may include minor modifications such as referencing existing selling programs, client presentations and RFP templates, pricing strategies or compensation plans from the client. Deeper customization for specific clients can be handled as a custom training program.

SM-01 Adapting Compensation Plans to Color

2 hour Express Session for up to 10 attendees

Full Color Inkjet printing changes the rules of costing, profitability and necessitates a re-think of the sales compensation model. Without carrots and sticks to motivate sales people to deliver profitable opportunities, follow proposal processes, and ensure that expectations are set properly with clients, the whole enterprise can be at risk.

Target Audience:  Senior Management

  • Printed course handouts
  • Baseline analysis document
  • Compensation Plan Template

SM-02 Field Guide to Selling Color – Transaction Print

Half day course for up to 10 attendees

This sales “boot camp” on production color includes a focus on transactional print and full-color inkjet.  Attendees will receive an overview of current production color processes, proof points on the value of color, and color adoption drivers in several vertical markets.

Key learnings for attendees include:

  • How to spot potential design/production issues before pricing
  • Color process improvement opportunities and how to find them (revenue enhancing applications)
  • How to communicate the key benefits of inkjet and overcome customer objections

Target Audience:  Print sales teams making the migration to full color inkjet production

  • Printed course handouts

SM-03 Establishing and Marketing Electronic Adoption Services

Half day course for up to 10 attendees
If your organization is just beginning to offer electronic services or if you have an electronic offering, but the adoption results within your client organizations have been less than stellar, this course is for you.

Discussion topics will include:

  • The primary reasons electronic initiatives fail
  • Tips for assisting the customer in gaining an understanding of the current environment and how much adoption assistance is needed
  • levels of Adoption Services that can be offered
  • Budget needed and execution steps required based on level of service to be provided

Target Audience:  Senior Management, Marketing

  • Printed course handouts 
  • “Menu of Services” template for customization.