Really, FastCompany? Website 101 . . .

Okay so I’m checking my Twitter feed for anything that will help me procrastinate since I was suffering a bit of writers’ block and saw this RT from Quadgraphics

quadgraphics tweet

… and I thought…FastCompany…Creative Leaders? Could be interesting. So I click and get this…

fastcompany page

… and I wait for the rest of the page to load. And wait some more… and realize that the page has loaded. Unfortunately, the content I was looking for is not located on the viewable page despite my very large monitor. By sheer luck I decided to scroll …

fastcompany page 2You would think that an organization like FastCompany, particularly when presenting a piece on creative leadership, would manage to get website 101 right: “Don’t make the reader scroll.” It seems that the desire for some coolio art got in the way of functionality. By the way… if you read the article – look for the picture of the Chupacabra (apparently a menace to business leadership everywhere according to FastCompany readers.)

Elizabeth Gooding

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