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What makes a channel a channel?

rogue-river-graves-splash2Okay – granted that I just spent a week in the woods with no access to electronics, but did everything change that much while I was gone?

When I left I thought that TV was a channel (and there are channels on TV) and radio was a channel, and mobile and print and web. I had been delving into the world of personalized video on the web (and mobile) which is putting sort of TVish content online. Now I just heard that Apple is launching iTunes Radio, a free streaming music service, this fall. Okay – another play to put radio on the web (and mobile) – not so weird. But, I hear that Apple is going to enable video ads on all of the devices that are streaming “radio.” I thought video killed the radio star…now we have video on the radio?

channelsThese days your access to personalized information – streaming music, play lists, video, email, and documents in the cloud can follow you to any device. Radio is on “TV”, Video is on the “Radio” and everything can be mobile. So if content can be anywhere and everywhere… what’s a channel again?




Elizabeth Gooding

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