Insight Forums hosts several groups for business communications professionals on LinkedIn.

The Shareholder Communications Symposium (SCS) helps investor relations and shareholder
communications professionals manage the content, creation, production, and delivery of their
compliance documents. Embracing both print and electronic technologies, it reviews the latest
techniques and tools for reducing costs, complying with regulations, and achieving environmental

The goal of the Financial Communications Forum is to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of
financial communications. Established as a live event more than a decade ago, participants continue
to gather the latest information about, and exclusive insights into, management best practices and
technology innovation.

The Healthcare Communications Forum is dedicated to improving the effectiveness of the information that flows between payers, providers, and patients. Launched in 2005, it convened annually until 2009 to help organizations better respond to ongoing shifts in the regulatory environment, the proliferation of health care products and plans, spiraling costs, and the move toward “consumer-driven health care.” Now online, it is the place to be for exclusive insights into management best practices and technology innovation.

The Transpromo Professionals Network was established in 2008 share information on the topic of innovation in transaction printing and statement messaging. Topics include best-practices in processes and technology in closed-loop marketing automation, personalization workflow and “transpromotional” campaigns on transaction documents across industries and around the globe. There are also subgroups for Transpromo Software Tools and Transpromo Vendor Information.