As a news and insight exchange for business communications professionals, our goal is to identify
and document processes and solutions that can reduce the cost of business communications while
simultaneously increasing their effectiveness. We focus on meeting the information needs of buyers and sellers of business communications solutions through analysis, social networking and primary research.

Insight Forums has its roots in industry research and the production of learning events tailored to
vertical markets. Events such as the Financial Communications Forum, Healthcare Communications
Forum and Shareholder Communications Symposium brought together communications professionals across Marketing, IT, Compliance and Operations groups to collaborate on more effective methods for communicating with customers, regulators and business partners.

As the pace of technology changes has accelerated, Insight Forums identified a need for more robust training than could be offered in a public forum. Our educational content is now delivered through a series of tailored onsite courses intended to have maximum effect with a minimum investment of time. Rather than sending a couple of people for several days to a conference with a broad scope of topics, we come to you to deliver exactly the information you need to your entire team at once. The networking aspects of our conferences have evolved into online social networking communities from which news, opinions and research are published to the Insight Forums blog.

Contributors to the Insight Forums blog are subject matter experts in marketing, operations,
compliance, printing and electronic distribution of business communications. We invite dialogue from
other experts in the field and those seeking expertise. Comments can be posted on this site, or you can join one of our groups on LinkedIn.

If you are interested in contributing to the blog or have a story that you think we should research, please contact the editor at 800-886-2196 or through contact us page.

Consulting Services are offered through Gooding Communications Group, a team of expert consultants helping clients in highly regulated industries—and the service providers they depend on— to optimize the designs, processes and production technology used for multi-channel communications. Please visit www.GoodComm.net for further information.