Free Research Download: Marketing To Millennials

comScore, Inc. has made its latest white paper Marketing to Millennials: 5 Things Every Marketer Should Know available for download (free.) The paper provides important context for understanding the media consumption habits of 18-34 year-olds known as “Millennials.” This demographic group accounts for a disproportionate share of total screen time in the U.S. and their digital behavior also provides some insight into what the broader media landscape will look like in the future.

Key questions about media consumption habits answered in the Marketing to Millennials whitepaper include:

  1. How much more time do Millennials spend online and on mobile platforms than their older counterparts?
  2. What percentage of Millennials owns a smartphone? Do they prefer Android or iPhones?
  3. To what extent do Millennials still use Facebook? Which other social networks do they engage with?
  4. How do Millennials prefer to watch TV compared to other age segments? What about their behavior makes them harder to reach with TV ads?
  5. Why should marketers focus on digital platforms for advertising to Millennials?


Elizabeth Gooding

Elizabeth Gooding is the editor of the Insight Forums blog and president of Gooding Communications Group

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