ICMA-RC – Retirement Communication Awards

ICMA-RC AWARDSICMA-RC, has consistently invested in improving their participant communications and that investment has paid off through the success of their plan provider business and in terms of industry recognition. ICMA is retirement plan provider serving public employees.

In just the past 5 or 6 years, ICMA has received nearly 100 national and international awards for measurable education and communications initiatives. In 2013, ICMA-RC, in partnership with its clients, received more than 20 awards for education initiatives, gaining recognition from organizations such as DALBAR, Pensions & Investments, and American Business Awards.

Here are a few highlights that are worth checking out:

ICMA-RC’s “Video Campaign,” demonstrates the importance of saving throughout one’s career, received the highest award (Gold) in the 2013 Aurora Awards. The video campaign, praised for its use of  clever animation and great script writing, demonstrates in a straightforward and simple way the importance of saving for retirement to public sector employees in all life and career stages, through three videos: “Save and Invest Smart” (, “Why Your 457 Plan Matters” (, and “Guided Pathways®” (

Their statements, designed when I was with my previous organization, were consistently praised by DALBAR – yet ICMA continued to improve them over the years. Some of the features DALBAR highlighted include:

  • Provides a personalized rate of return. Gives plan participants information on the performance of their portfolio, encouraging a long- term perspective.
  • Statement is easy to read. ICMA-RC uses plain English throughout the statement, allowing participants to quickly grasp the status of their account(s).
  • Graphics highlight important information. Design features provide easier legibility and quick reference through visual comparisons.

“ICMA-RC continues to deliver successful education initiatives that focus on meeting the goals of our public sector clients,” said ICMA-RC President and CEO Joan McCallen. “We focus on educating ICMA-RC participants in innovative, unique, and measurable ways, and it is gratifying to see our efforts recognized among our industry peers.”

Elizabeth Gooding

Elizabeth Gooding is the editor of the Insight Forums blog and president of Gooding Communications Group

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